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The First Pumbum

Why Pumbum?

It's Tdot's fault, really. Several failed attempts to spell "Pimpette" while in keenchat resulted in "pumbum" (don't ask me how). We thought it was so hilarious that I ended up doodling a character to fit the name.
Time went by and I couldn't keep myself from developing him - like the Buttercats, I had inadvertently stumbled upon something so simple and (to me) adorable that I couldn't leave it alone. Other characters appeared, and with them, a sort of plot emerged.

Pumbum`s Bum!! With Keon giving advice and providing feedback, Pumbum grew from a plushie-like blue concept into a full-blown character (he also gave Shaboomo the Belligerent his name). Whenever I'm stuck on Pumbum's thought bubbles, or even need help with story ideas, I poke at Keon with a sharp stick until he gives me what I want.

Yes, it does update very sporadically - I've gone and gotten myself entangled in god knows how many comics and projects, and they're all equally time-consuming in their own ways. No worries though; Pumbum is here to stay.

<3 Pimp

Pumbum and all other creations displayed herein are property of Laurel K (KEON HELPED TOOOOOO)

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